Purchasing Bitcoin is easier then it seem and there are even a number of services here in Israel that provide bitcoin trade services. Every service operates differently, whether as p2p platforms or change services, and suggest various payment methods, commissions and client onboarding steps.

Matrix Revolutions provides real-time purchase and sell of BTC/ETH in an easy, instant and friendly way. You just need to bring your digital wallet and instantly execute a bitcoin trade. If it is your first time, matrix’s team will assist to open a wallet and make a first purchase.

The offer to sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be executed in different ways and the choice depends on the type of holder you are (small investor, trader, institution) and how much are you intending to change.

Currently, The easiest and fastest way to change bitcoin into cash is through Bitcoin ATMs.  This process only requires you to arrive to a BTMs with your wallet, scan a QR code that will appear on the BTMs screen, confirm the trade and withdraw cash.

Matrix Revolutions’ BTMs are engineered to provide a user-friendly experience.

Conversion of Bitcoin to local cash is a matter of few seconds.

Confirmation time, accessibility, client-oriented services and attractive commissions. Matrix’s client-oriented services makes it a bitcoiners heaven.

More importantly, person to person guiding and escorting is another distinct advantage when comparing to any other digital or phone service that can be irritating at some points critical. Matrix’s main branch, located in Rothschild, has a team that is dedicated to help onboarding clients.

No. The purchase or sell of crypto only requires opening a digital wallet.

It very much depends on the intended trade volume. High volume trade are treated differently and in a more sensitive matter.

BTM’s commission depend on the intended act, if you intend to buy crypto the commission is 5% or 7% when selling.

Yes. The receipt will be sent to you via Email.

Not at all! You just need to arrive to Matrix’s BTMs with your personal wallet, cash and finite!