Bitcoin – An Ideal solution for travelers

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It seems that until a decade ago, people have been tied to one payment methodology in the form of traditional banking processes. Even as the world witness the impact of world globalization, national borders, cash has still safeguarded its border characters.
This is very much felt as a tourist. In order to explore new locations you need to be prepared, financially, in advance. Whether its by issuing a new international credit card or searching for local changes in different, and sometime sketchy, location with high fee and misleading exchange rates. Visitors from destination with low financial service feel the frustration at a much stronger force, especially commissions and bureaucratic headache. Cash is not global, but in many ways stays loyal to nations and border, and less to freedom and cosmopolitan values.
The uniqueness of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, is starting to hit high on the tourism industry. One of bitcoin’s technology virtues is it borderless charatism. Even when stamping nation by nation, bitcoin as a payment system stays borderless. This is of high value for tourist worldwide, not only considering the deduction of exchange commission and fee but also dismissal of financial hassle it can provide. No wonder that when surveying cities globally, those with high tourism rate are also those that are top rated as crypto friendly. Cities like San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, New York and Tel Aviv are nominated with high bitcoin acceptance with local merchants.
Today, Tel Aviv is setting high hopes for tourist out there interested to use bitcoin by facilitating Crypto ATM’s that allow and immediate change of crypto to cash and vis versa. One of the Company’s setting goals to make Israel a leading bitcoin country is Matrix Revolution by deploying BTM’s, with additional alt-coins options, across tourist cities.
So if you came to visit Israel, and looking to buy or cash out the borderless coin, you can effortlessly stop at a Matrix’s ATM and in second execute a crypto-fiat trade.
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