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In the process of promoting websites with a budget of 1500-2000 NIS per month, it is not possible to combine work hours of a professional website promoter and content for links, use support sites that the promoter is forced to finance from his pocket, service hours of “Why should we?” “Why did we come down?” “Let’s add phrases” and all kinds of dealings with the client

So the general question is: Can I provide a convenient solution for $ 1,500 or $ 2,000 SEO budgets? I divided the answer into three steps to identify whether it was a fun and profitable project or mine

For those who will have the patience to continue reading, at the end of the article I will reveal a hot project from the oven of a site that was previously low budget, also enjoys the first inquiries and positions in the most competitive expressions in its field,

Step A – Understanding the “Arena” for organic promotion

When a customer approaches me to promote their site, I refer to keyword research as a tool to measure the investment required from my side as a site promoter. I use four factors that give me an understanding angle that is usually not misleading


  • Keyword Research

Creating a sample of expressions with a lot of volume / search volumes relevant to business activity, and more precise expressions – such a combination usually produces about 20 phrases that give a broad picture of the relevant field

Important note – sometimes there is a site that contains a number of areas and therefore in this situation you will get a number of expressions for each field, such as law firm active in the field of insurance and incriminating, in such a situation each field is a different arena


  • Traffic Sources for Competitors

I highly recommend using the tool (by the way, my favorite tool among all the Internet marketing tools), taking sites that rank high in the relevant keyword phrase (lots of relevant searches), identify which sources come into these sites and see if their traffic comes mainly from relevant expressions


  • Quantity of competitors

Some competitors have the same phrase, sites that invest in their promotion, optimization and links – for example in the term “promoter of sites” there is a lot of investment since most site promoters in Israel (which is also their work) invest in this expression, another example is “tort lawyer”, it is not The secret is that there are many tort lawyers in Israel, and therefore it is a very competitive arena

Required conclusion with low budget – Only phrases that are mentioned in all the parameters mentioned above can not be compared to a high level of competition, strong sites, competitors, etc.

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